When death comes a calling…

Well not quite,  but here I am day 3 in hospital and no discharge date in sight…

Admitted Friday night with acute breathing difficulties, not helped by my cardiac and respiratory conditions…transferred to the AMU ward after almost breaching in the ER (4 hours) where I’ve been ever since…cannot complain about the company on the ward…3 decent older guys…although the various care factors leave a lot to be desired…and the result is in being moved to the specialist respiratory ward as they cannot regulate my O2…fluctuates between 89 and 93 whereas it should be 96+ plus my temp is up and down like a whatsit in a whatnot…

The girls miss me loads and have been up four times already…thank goodness they have 11 hour visiting hours here and the boss is working here tomorrow so I’ll have constant visits…not that I’m up for them. Not slept in 72 hours apart from the odd hour here and there….will write more when I get to respiratory….

Ps send pizza, burger anything I’m starving!!!

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