Just about keeping the reaper at bay…

So folks it’s now two weeks since my incarceration in hospital began and I’ve been out for 9 days now…finally went back to work on Wednesday for the remainder of the week but finishing early….Have about as much energy as a dead Duracell bunny…😢

Went back to the GP on Friday as the blood results showed a large amount of anomalies…the up shot being my GP wants to fast-track me to the big C unit probably just a precaution but still cause for concern. 

At the same time I’m being checked for Celiacs disease and Thyroid function…all this on top of Cardiac and Respiratory conditions and the PA….knackers yard next!

Just about functioning although it’s difficult…and I’ve got the airways clinic on Wednesday of the coming week. 

The girls are great but I’m finding myself losing my patience and temper quickly…too quickly.

More soon as things develop but that’s all for now folks as I need to sleep.

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