Editing and beyond

As many of you know my elfling started school in September as is due to go into year one this coming September, they do things very strange here in Albion….well certainly since I left school over thirty years ago…thy now use phonics, computers,  magic white boards and iPads….the nearest we had to any of that was a BBC or Sinclair computer with a memory in bytes not gigs or terra…..

Anyway, with school in mind my significant other half signed us up to take over the running of the volenteer parent group….ok….she will be the face and I’ll be the engine for god time bring until we set up a committee and delegate responsibility….

Just finished editing the new look newsletter which meant everything else fell by the wayside, although on Saturday I did manage to build the elfling trampoline, and before anyone shouts it has safety netting and she knows the rules about using it….anyhow at that has meant that I haven’t written anything fantastical, magical or medieval for ages, however have kept up with everything on Twitter and Facebook including a new blogger who blogs and tweets about the place of part of my heart…search my followers for her and share the magic that is the land of my birth.

And whilst you do I need to return to writing properly and with the new job I might just be able too, however for now it’s work, school and hospital but until then quel fara….

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