The Ecclesiastical Ruler

Below is the start of a small fictional study in history when cannon and Canon collided…may not come to anything but it’s a start….

The Ecclesiastical Ruler

Prologue – 

It was winter and the river that brokered the boundary between the two halves of Dumnonia was frozen, not for the first time and not for the last. Gone were the Viking raiding parties using the mighty and speedy Tamar to sack Lydford and Tavistock, the prosperous towns, gone albeit the majority of the Dumnonii as the land became settled by Anglo Saxons, Normans and other infidelious tribes that scoured and scorched the land.

In the east the river that became naught a boundary but a trade route flanked one half of Isca Dumnoniorum and to the other the low lands of the great expanse of forest, granite, quaker and Tor known as the Great Forest of Dartmoor, although most of the land is barren and ravaged by both wind and rain. That river too was frozen, indeed the whole of east Dumnonia was frozen. Not since the land rush of the early 11th Century had the land been so white; not since the monks of Tavistock took over the lands akin to the Priory of Plymstock.

As the old pagan traditions faded into obscurity and the new religion took hold of the land so did the rise of the Church in Isca Dumnoniorum or modern day Exeter; the city of Plymouth still being three smaller towns, the largest of which being Sutton, and a land very dear to my heart so much so that I moved from Sutton to Sutton…


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