A time to think….

I do not normally write about Religion or Politics unless it’s in story format and only then it is mildly touched upon in an historical context, however I felt I had to share this with you because this made my blood boil….

Yesterday a parent posted a comment on the school F******k group about an incident at a local facility where the children where supposed to be attending today, although rain stopped play…This parent, in light of the incidents in the UK recently, called the Police because one of our Muslim brothers was sitting quietly chanting to himself with a loose leaf note book on his lap….she caused a major scene in the facility before bragging about it on F******k….

This stupid and crass comment then started an influx of comments and bigoted ideology. I will not go into the whole affair as my other half told me off for getting involved, however it became quite sad in the end realising that some people have not got a clue…my question to this parent is…”Has she not heard of Ramadan?” and/or would she do the same if she found out that the same facility is used by an Evangelical Church on Sunday or a Disabled Group on Monday or an old peoples group on Tuesday or etc…this is a community centre for the community…

Then just to cap it all off bearing in mind it’s raining and cold…a typical flaming June in here in Albion; at the school gate were canvassers for a local Political party…(the yellow party) but not just standing in the rain but blocking the school gate chugging and if it’s one think I hate it’s being chugged…had it have been warm and dry I would have confronted them but I was cold, wet and miserable and did not have my pet Dragon with me…

Now sat in my office reflecting on recent events; my heart is heavy, especially after such a wonderful weekend with my family and friends and a lovely Pentecost service at one of the local Prisons, but that’s another story for another time.

I pray our Creator keeps you safe this time.

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