For a friend…

The heavens opened, and a peel of thunder clattered against the black velvet sky, far below standing in the rain was the lone figure of a woman, clad in a white flowing dress, her long brown cowl doing its best to keep the rain off her long dark hair, her boots turning from brown to black in the rain…her chestnut mare standing beside her, head down chewing the long green grass…Did she care….but for now she just smiled and chuckled to herself.

She mounted the chestnut mare and rode off go her sacred place to find solace and comfort…she was alone but not lonely, in a world of her own, a time to reflect, a time to mourn the passing of friends and friendships…..some had been cast aside like a leaf on the wind, some where never meant to be and some just…..she hung her head….she knew the next line and it filled her eyes with sadness, tears began to flow slowly at first but then uncontrolled….Time was hurt and healing at the same same…..gone west…there had been rumours but they had been squashed by all and sundry….each one had an idea but only the departed knew the real reason…..the half-immortal she knew had gone for good, leaving behind a legacy, a horse, a wolf and a wife…..all she thought was cormamin niuve tenna’ take elea lle au’ Heruamin, Mellonamin…..that was the greatest extent of her Elven…but it meant a lot….

She wanted to know why, what, where and when all at the same time…

What was the interaction between mortal man and immortal elves or ultimately the interaction between the mortal beings and the immortal Seldarine…..these thoughts she pondered……

Her mare carried her carefully to her destination, the sacred stones in the ruins of Carn Dum, her own private sanctuary from where she could venture to the heavens…long since abandoned when the witch king died at the hands of a mortal woman…one of her kind….a shield-maiden from Rohan…slowly she waited on the signs, she prayed to her creator asking for the courage to get through the rest of her life and eventually prepare her pathway west along the Great West Road….her time was not yet called…nor would it be for several hundred cycles of the moon….

Her tale would begin as one ended, like a phoenix rising from the fire…… To be continued…..

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