The Ecclesiastical Ruler – Where Cannon and Canon collide.


The black stallion thundered along the makeshift road, made from the compacted earth, its rider beset in habit and cowl, a longsword hanging from a great leather belt and buckler on the off-side; a calf-skin bag slung over the horn and gullet of the saddle. In the bedroll tucked behind the cantle a bow of finest yew and serrated leafblade arrows of the finest ash and grey goose fletching. To each fender a thin blade rested, evenly balanced with a small crossguard.

Around the neck of the cloaked figure hung a celtic cross and from the grip and pommel of the sword a favour. A further celtic cross hung from the rain guard and etched into the fuller in ancient script the words translating in Latin as “tuum fiat voluntas” or in the modern tongue “Thy will be done”. And underneath that to the tip the Latin words  “Ego gladio Carmina Burana”.

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