Planes, Trains and Automobile Thingies…

Seems strange that as the little one goes back to school that I find myself on the underground heading north to the unholy smoke to an appointment…not done this for a while.

Even though it seems a like an age…we had a great holiday at home, my home that is. The little one crossed a lot off her bucket list including….

Seeing Dumnonia ponies, a paddle the sea, building sand castles in both the sun and the rain in the same day and going into a disused tin mine. She also managed to see the village that fell in the sea at Hallsands, went on a bus and went to the zoo and climb a well known lighthouse with her daddy who hasn’t climbed it before either.

Not bad for a five year old in seven days…amazingly as well thanks to a girlfriend and her husband the little one made a big leap forward regaring her fear of dogs…A&S I owe you a lot! 

But now normality resumes and it’s the endless school runs and work and after school clubs etc…but at least my next hospital appointment isn’t until January…

Oh bugger I forgot my headphones…oh well at least I can write this…

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