At evensong of the first age of man and beasts, when the world was One, one race albeit diverse; man walked freely with man and the other races that inhabited the world, one Dryhten when the world was sorglèas, before the evil that men do took over and destroyed the world.

His verne’ was with hin and it concerned him as his duties took him to the farthest reaches of the kingdom, as dictated by the Abbot. However Dryhten was smiling on him and his verne’ as his tinu was due the next time he returned to his township, for a long period of down time. He had reported to the Abbot who had blessed his journey, reporting that justice had been done swiftly and without trouble.

Time passed and the journey home took, what seemed to be an age and far greater than the outbound journey but the sight of his ham filled him with joy. He purged all thoughts of awyran from his mind, all that meant everything to him now was getting home to be with his verne’ and the long expected hin. The Loremaster was not young, the years had not been kind to him although latterly and on the advice of the fallaner he had begun to take care of himself, the prospect of a tinu filled him with a feeling that he had never experienced before but it was a long-time coming, they had been together one score and one years and he was fast approaching two score and three.

There were problems, the fallaner had been at his verne’ side almost constantly, since she became with hin and he, The Loremaster, had been away. The conversation with the fallaner upon his return was not a pleasant one, his verne’ had had problems and was confined to rath and was constantly bletsian. His concerns were founded on what little knowledge and understanding he had of lacnung as he was a kiirar of high status more akin to rules, regulations, laws and justice.

The fallaner was even more concerned because at a little after the start of the “second” there should have been no complications, but there were and for all the prayers to Dryhten, what happened in the coming days tested even the strongest faith…The bletsian continued and the pain intensified and there was nothing any or all of them could do. Things had to take their own direction and what would be would be….fate was not an option, the path was already mapped out for them and the future pre-prepared and if that meant losing their hin, then it was the will of Dryhten.

They struggled through, visiting the fallaner regularly, but the pain and the bletsian became more and more intensified as the twin suns and moon passed, until the eve of the day before Tarion, when his verne’ was transferred to the Nunnery cloisters where the order of nuns could look after her under the guidance of the fallaner. They kept her stable as best they could but the bletsian-loss continued and the contractions became more and more naikelea. Outside the sounds of a local lindale festival cacophonied around the valley, various nandaro from the area gathered each year to play their latest works, love by some and hated by others. Preference was not a choice.

Then on the the tella Tarion of Lotesse in the yen SA10 their hin was born and died at the same time, when the twin suns were at their zenith, in modern times it is known as stillborn but The Loremaster and his verne’…they quietly slipped in to a period of nienor for the passing of seven times seven moons, but Emilie as she was to be called would never be forgotten. They would carry her tiny hand on and in their hearts ten’oio, their estanesse.

© ordulf@outlook.com Edited November 2017

Glossary of words

  • Dryhten                            (God)
  • Sorglèas                            (Free From Sorrow)
  • Verne’                               (His Wife)
  • Hin                                    (Child)
  • Tinu                                   (Daughter)
  • Ham                                   (House)
  • Awyran                             (Work)
  • Fallaner                            (Doctor)
  • Rath                                   (Bed)
  • Bletsian                             (Bleeding)
  • Lacnung                            (Medicine)
  • Kiirar                                 (Lorekeeper)
  • Naikelea                            (Painful)
  • Lindale                              (Music)
  • Nandaro                           (Harpers)
  • Nienor                               (Mourning)
  • Ten’oio                              (Forever)
  • Estanesse                          (Firstborn)

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