As I sit here waiting in the Doctor’s Surgery I’ve just read a blog from a friend of mine about hugs and it got me thinking…just a little bit, gave myself a hug and piped some tunes into the ear muffins…

Sorry there hasn’t been much on the blog since January but a lot has happened since then on life’s great rollercoaster of a journey…more hospital appointments and tests…and the upshot of that is I have Crohns (IBD)…yippee at last a diagnosis. This would explain the low iron, the bleeding, the ulcers and possibly the cardiac problems although the specialists are still undecided what cardiac problems I have…The better half still thinks it’s POTS and I’m inclined to agree with her although the symptoms are waiting, must be all the steroids I’m on. (Three months on a monthly decreasing dose…9/6/3)

On a positive note we did manage to get away for Easter and spent a week in a small village just outside Wells in Somerset. The only let-down of the holiday was a trip to Glastonbury Abbey, which has lost its charm and mysticism, just seems another tourist attraction like any other National Trust or English Heritage property. I can remember going to Glastonbury as a teenage and being allowed to pick windfalls from the cider apple orchards and taking them home to make scrumpy…well what would any West Country boy do with them otherwise.

Did however have a lovely day in Wells, showing the dormouse where her daddy sang as a lad on a couple of occasions before heading off to Clark’s World…but that’s another story for another day!

Will write more soon, I promise but in the meantime….

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