And so to battle…

As Fish once said…”Don’t give me your problems”

I’ve got enough of my own and the path to self destruction is a slippery road that I’d rather not be on any more but here I am…heading into the pit that is depression etc…and for what…well if I knew that I’d be on the mend but here I am..grumpy, low and snappy and in dire need of help and a holiday.

And before anyone says “pull yourself together” that is easier said than actually done.

We put on a brave face for those around us and say nothing’s wrong but deep down we’re drowning in our own….please use your own words here as I haven’t been able to find mine just yet…BUT even the mask of a brave face doesn’t cut the mustard sometimes and we are harsh and extremely hurtful to the ones we love…most of all.

The road to recovery may be paved with pitfalls but at least help me with my bootstraps….

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